Home Care Marketing Ideas

5 Creative Ideas to Market your Home Care Agency

The need for home care agencies is growing exponentially every year as seniors age and hold their desire to continue living at home. As the demand rises, the competition will rise with it. You risk getting left behind by other home care providers if you’re not marketing your agency. Knowing that the following tips are ways to creatively market your home care company so you’re ahead of the game.


Determine a Unique Selling Point (USP) for your Agency

What makes you stand out? What is unique about your home care services?
If you already have a niche audience that you serve, embrace it, and make sure your content accurately presents your unique services. Most home care agencies offer the same basic services (assistance with meal prep, bathing, dressing, errands, companionship, etc.), but if you offer post-pregnancy care, for example, then it sets you apart from other agencies who may only provide service for seniors.
If your niche market is companionship, present that as a core feature. Post-pregnancy, exercise care, surgical recovery, are a few good examples of USPs that we have seen from our clients. Once you determine your USPs, you can effectively use them in marketing your agency.


Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Part of SEO (search engine optimization) is properly using keywords related to your business. Keywords are certainly on the top of the list for marketing strategies. If you can get your SEO keywords nailed down, they will target potential traffic and drive them to your business.
When Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines are collecting relevant content, they crawl websites for keywords that match or are relevant to the user’s search. Using the right keywords will digitally put you in the right place at the right time.
For example, if you are a home care agency in Houston, Texas and you have no mention of that place in your website, then your potential customers in Houston won’t be able to find you. It’s a simple concept, and too many companies miss out on these simple tips and tricks of marketing.
Here are some free keyword research tools: 


Keep Up-To-Date on Industry News and Trends

Staying in-the-know is important in any industry, and the home care industry is consistently changing and growing like every other. New education is released and new practices are developed all the time.
Showing that your company can change with the rest of the world helps to create trusting and loyal clients, and continue opening doors for future business. A great way to keep your knowledge updated is by following the right accounts on social media.
Here is a list from Hubstaff Blog for the home health care Twitter accounts to follow:


home health care news twitter account


vnaa twitter account home health care


jade gong rn twitter account


george yedinak twitter account


south shore elder care twitter


Create a Strong Brand Identity


Speaking of social media, having a strong brand identity on various social media accounts is a must. The seniors your agency cares for are maybe not internet-savvy, but it is oftentimes their children or grandchildren that are the ones looking for home care services. So having a stellar website to engage with that audience is key. 
The corporate brand identity includes your logo, color scheme, design elements, vision and mission statements, website, social profiles, and any other materials or channels you use to market your company.

Set Aside a Budget for Digital Marketing


Local businesses need to be budgeting for online advertising because everyone has a smartphone that gives them instant access to search for home health services. This way, you can put your services right into their hands. 
Blogging is another opportunity for home care agencies to drive traffic to their website. Here, we come back to using relevant keywords in the blog title, section headers, and body text, so that search engines can find your page and match it to relevant searches.
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