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Tips For Growing Your Home Care Agency With Digital Marketing

The daily tasks that are involved in running an agency often take away from the time that needs to be spent on marketing. In order to make that task easier, we have done put some thought into this for you. In this article, we will be discussing tips and methods to help you market your home care agency effectively.

It is never easy to run a home care agency. However, there are always things you can do to simplify things. One very important but difficult aspect of operating an agency is effectively marketing your services.

What makes it so hard to market a home care agency? To begin with, it is not part of your core competency, which is providing your clients with care. The daily tasks of running an agency, particularly unforeseen problems like caregivers missing work, often can take time away from your marketing efforts.

The following are 15 tips and methods to help you market your home care agency effectively. Many agencies use some of them already. However, very few use all of the methods. Which of the following can help improve your agency’s marketing?

1. Develop a strong presence on social media. Facebook is used by most agencies are part of their marketing efforts. However, don’t ignore other platforms like Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can cut down on the amount of time you spend posting to your social media accounts by making use of free tools such as Buffer or HootSuite that allow you to schedule your posts ahead of time and mass-post them at the same time to multiple platforms.

2. Publish blog posts to your website on a consistent basis. Blogging provides you with an opportunity to drive additional traffic to your site. Do research to find relevant keywords and incorporate them into your blog posts.

3. Improve your SEO by optimizing the pages on your site. Although SEO is a long-term method that requires patience and strategy when you do it correctly it substantially increase your client pipeline.

4. Ask current clients for referrals on a regular basis. The Home Care 2018 Benchmarking Study showed that the leading source of new referrals was current and former clients. One of the most important keys to obtaining more client referrals is to communicate consistently with your clients.

5. Respond to negative reviews online and demonstrate that you take quick actions in order to get problems corrected. Agencies that show they are quick to both acknowledge and correct problems are able to stand out from their competitors.

6. Help with, sponsor, and attend community events. Consider volunteering for a community event or having your agency’s staff take part in or organize a community service project. This provides community members with an opportunity to interact with your caregivers, establishes your agency as being service-oriented, and increases your visibility.

7. Use Google AdWords. As Google has increasingly become one of the leading channels for clients to find agencies, one of the best ways to ensure that potential clients see your agency is to use Google AdWords.

8. Get your agency listed on internet lead websites. These were some of 2017’s top sources for consumer marketing. If you are not currently using these websites, it is time to get started. Internet lead websites include CareinHomes.com, SeniorAdvisor.com, BestofHomeCare.com, and Caring.com.

9. Use local newspaper ads. Although newspapers have continued to decline as the Internet continues to grow, they are still a way for your business to get visibility.

10. Get your Google My Business profile set up. That will allow you to manage the way your information is displayed across Google services, which include Google Maps and Google search results.

11. Purchase ads in local magazines. Make sure your ad contains all of your necessary contact information, is consistent with your brand, visually appealing, and simple.

12. Volunteer to be a speaker at senior-oriented community events. There are many communities that have calenders with senior-oriented events that are looking for speakers. It is a good opportunity to build trust and awareness in your company. Just make sure to provide valuable information and not just try to sell your services.

13. Ask healthcare professionals for referrals. When handled properly, healthcare professional referrals (from homes, hospitals, physicians, and other sources) can expand your client base substantially.

14. Make sure your company brand is strong. A compelling brand can be maintained by identifying the core values of your company and making sure they are reflected in your marketing materials and logs, and that your employees act as ambassadors for your values.

15. Track how all of your current clients found you. Use that information to inform your marketing efforts. Good marketing begins with having good information. When you know how your clients have found you it helps to show where your future marketing dollars should be invested. If you are not tracking where your clients heard about your services initially, you should start now.

The Best Home Care Marketing Is A Great Client Experience

The best offense is a good defense. This is a well-known saying in sports. When it comes to home care, great client experience is the best marketing you can have.

Although it is important to not get so caught up in your other responsibilities that you don’t have any time to focus on marketing, it is also important to keep in mind that your marketing efforts will have a much more significant impact when you are providing a great client experience to back them up.

The Quality Management Program that we offer provides you with unbiased feedback from your current clients and detailed insights on ways that you can improve their experience. When you do this it will enhance all aspects of your business, which includes your marketing. To understand your clients’ experience better and receive insights on how to improve it, get a free consultation scheduled with us.

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