Home Care Marketing Tips for Search Engine Optimization in 2021

How to optimize your Google My Business Listing To Rank Higher In Google

There are home care agencies that have such a poor Google My Business listing or home page, that I wonder how they manage to convert customer leads at all.

When was the last time you updated your home page? If your answer is not until just now, then this article is written just for you. Take 5 minutes and read on because there’s important information in these tips about optimizing your home care listing for Google SEO Marketing. What Happens When You Don’t Convert Customer Leads… Your competitors that do implement some of these steps will start to get more phone calls than you because they are getting closer to home care clients.

As home care agencies, we want more home care leads and phone calls. However, with Google’s updates in 2015, home care SEO has become a much harder task of ranking home care companies higher for search engine optimization.

How do I optimize my home care agencies for Google SEO? As a senior home care seo consultant, I have 5 recommendations when it comes to ranking higher on Google.

Step 1: Deal With Duplicate Content Issues

Google is now going to great lengths to find duplicate content online. This means that if you have multiple home care websites, home care blogs or home care social media accounts for your home care company then they are on notice and will penalize you for this.

Step 2: Create a Unique Home Care Website For Your Company

The best way to create a unique website where Google will rank highly in search engines is by using a home care internet marketing agency like GrowHomeCareMarketing.com.com that already knows the home care industry and what kind of content to write to attract new users and rank higher on Google.

Step 3: Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

Google wants home searchers to have a good experience when they click on your home care agency’s website or home page that is why they are doing such things as penalizing home care agencies with websites that are only designed for desktop computers and their users.

You need a home care SEO marketing professional like Grow Home Care Marketing who knows all about home care search engine optimization and home care trends because it is so very important if you want more leads from search engines in 2021 and 2022 to work with someone in your industry that knows it.

Step 4: Get Social With It And Share On Home Care Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter provide a great way to get traffic back to your home care website. Make sure that any time you post about home care online that you share it on social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Step 5: Get High-Quality Incoming Links To Your Home Care Website

Home care search engine optimization means getting home care links that will bring your home care website up higher in the home care search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other home search engines. You can do this by blogging for home searchers about home care topics related to your local area home care agency services so you attract more home searchers to your home care blog. You can also write a guest post for another website at-home care marketing sites like https://GrowHomeCareMarketing.com. The other great way is by using native advertising to build high-quality incoming links to your Grow Home Care Marketing client’s

Bonus tip: Be Everywhere That Your Target Market Is Online

It no longer matters how big your home care website is or how many home care blog posts about home care you have done, Google is looking for home care search agencies who are present across the entire web and social media so that they will be easily found when someone types in a home care related phrase into Google.

In Conclusion:

If you run a home care agency with home care home searchers in your home town you need to be able to rank highly in Google. Not only for the home care buyers in your hometown but out of state when someone searches for a local agency to help their mom or dad.

Resources Mentioned:

“How To Get More Leads Using Google SEO Marketing For Senior Home Care Agencies” https://growhomecaremarketing.com

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