Facebook Ads and Home Care Marketing

In this day and age, more healthcare professionals are using the power of social media, including Facebook’s ads to recruit caregivers, attract clients, and promote their brands.

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A master guide to using Facebook ads in the home health industry

As a healthcare professional, considering advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is a good choice for so many different reasons. If you are interested in learning more about why you should invest time and resources into social media advertising, we’ve put together this master guide to help you.

A New Call-To-Action

It has been estimated by the Pew Research Center that nearly 70% of United States’ adults are using Facebook. If you think about it, that is quite a large base of potential clients that may be seeing your news feed, advertisements, and all that you are sharing on the social media site.

Another thing to consider is the fact that it is rare that healthcare-based decisions are made impulsively. Because of this, creating opportunities for potential clients to interact with your brand is very important.

While clicking on your company’s ad isn’t likely to lead to an immediate phone call, it will at least get your name visible and in mind and get them thinking about your services should they need them. Once they do get ready to make the call for home care they will already have a name in their head of who they want to call because of regularly engaging with you through social media.

Ok, are you ready to start setting up your Facebook ad campaign? Great! Let’s get started.

Let’s Start By Asking Some Questions

What is your end goal? The way you set up your Facebook Ad Account will vary depending on your target audience and your end goal.

Do you want to introduce yourself to homeopathy aficionados and encourage them to message your office for a discounted consultation? Are you interested in sharing articles to help new parents care for their infants?

Think about your goals for a few minutes to help lead you in the right direction.

Now is a great time to sync up your Facebook Business Page and Ad Account through Facebook’s Business Manager.

Creating Your Campaign, Ads, And Ad Sets

How much experience do you have setting up ads on Facebook? If you are a pro, you can skip this section, otherwise, here is an overview of setting things up.

Start by visiting Ads Manager. Then, click on the green, rectangular “+ Create” button which is on the left of the screen. By doing so, you will be prompted to create a new campaign, ads, and ad set.

Start by naming your new campaign. Make sure that the name is something that relates to the objective of your campaign. Then, for your buying type, select “Auction.” After that, select “campaign objective” (you’ll learn more about that here). Basically, campaigns create your ads’ structure.

Ad Sets are the place where you can create a daily budget and establish your target audience and ad placement. The ad set is under the category of just-created campaigns.

Now, you can name your ad set. A good idea is to name it for the target audience you have in mind. Need to know more about who you are planning to target, we will discuss that here, too.

Make sure your name is meaningful and then select, “Save to Draft.”

Who Is Your Target Audience On Facebook?

Are you finding it challenging to determine who you want to reach with your ads? Is it a struggle to determine the action you hope the ads drive? If so, start by thinking about your current patients, customers, and clients.

You want to know who they are demographically. What is their age range? Do you work with mostly men or mostly women? Do they live in your town or do they drive from two counties away?

Spend some time talking with them to learn more about them. Find out what about your services brought them to you initially.

Keep thinking about your target audience. Now, however, we will start talking about targeting.

Custom Audiences

What exactly is a custom audience? This is a group of individuals you create based on those you have interacted with previously on Facebook or on Instagram, or even those who have visited your website. You are able to create a brand new custom audience or reuse an existing one.

If you want to target your ads towards those who visit your site, be sure that you install Facebook Pixel on your page. Here is how you can do that.

Lookalike Audiences

This is actually quite a powerful set of custom audiences generated by Facebook. They compile a list of users whose profiles may be similar to those who have interacted with you in the past. For example, you can choose to make a Lookalike audience that consists of one million people who may behaviorally and demographically resemble those who have visited your website in the past month. This will help your ads reach a more targeted audience than other means.

General Targeting Means

When creating Facebook ads, you can do so based on the users’ location, gender, age, and spoken language.

Location refers to targeting an audience that is in a certain geographic boundary, such as in a specific city or state, or within a targeted area radiating outward from a specific area.

As far as age and gender, unless you only serve people of specific genders or ages, you probably want to leave this open until you narrow this down based on performance data you accumulate for the ads you set up.

When targeting languages, you want to choose the wants that your ads use.

Interest, Demographic, And Behavioral Targeting
You can serve your ads to Facebook users who have shown to have certain interests, or who Facebook thinks falls within a certain demographic. This may include parental status, level of educational attainment, political leanings, job title, and major life events. Facebook keeps up with this type of demographic data and allows you to incorporate it into your targeting.

As far as interests are concerned, it may include such things as general hobbies, musical passions, and food preferences.

There are behaviors that you can target, too and these include things such as those who have anniversaries coming up, online shopping tendencies, and travel habits.

Lookalikes: Your Best Friend

As you consider Facebook’s definition of “audience definition,” it is important to keep some different things in mind. While changing your audience targeting, the size of the audience will change. If you make your audience too big, you may serve your ads to those who are not interested. However, if you make your audience too small, you may serve your ads to the same audience over and over. l

If either one of those things happen, it could end up that the people either report or hide your ads. This will negatively impact the performance of your ads. By monitoring the data point, “frequency,” you can follow how often people are shown your ads.

Lookalike ads are not static and their membership changes. This is important because it keeps your frequency low and makes sure that your ads are being seen by fresh audiences.

Building The Perfect Healthcare Ad

You have the perfect audience to see your ads, now it is time to build the ads they want to see.

If you spend any time on Facebook or Instagram, you know they are basically visual mediums. You don’t have to have the perfect images to start with as you can choose to stock images if needed. Images are all you need to begin designing your ad.

Here are the best practices as far as copy goes:
Be trustworthy. No matter what your advertising goals are, it is crucial that you build trust among your target audience. You want them to see you as reputable and a compassionate source of wisdom when it comes to healthcare. You probably want to avoid anything that may be too tongue-in-cheek for your audience, including certain memes, puns, or outlandish puns.

Be honest. Similar to being trustworthy, you also want to be honest as you build trust. This will help as you work to develop a potential client base. Any statistics you share should be factual. Avoid scare tactics. And make sure the services and products you offer are portrayed realistically.

Stay Positive. Any ads you place on social media should always be positive and avoid put-downs or threats. Do not make fun of any potential clients or health issues. And stay away from suggesting poor health or imminent death if your ad is ignored.

Accentuate Your Services. It is important to share with your audience how you can make their life better. For example, if you are able to treat muscles that are chronically sore, clearly state this.

Avoid These Instagram And Facebook Ad Faux Pas
Digital advertising may not be brand new, but in some ways, it is still in its beginning stages. Chances are, you have come across an ad that has caused you to blush.

Luckily, many platforms, Facebook included, impose some restrictions to keep ads clean.

It is also trusted that as an advertiser on Facebook that you will only post tasteful ads. So, here are some things you can do to stay on the good side of Facebook.

Let’s say you will be running ads for some kind of medication-an online pharmacy, OTC drugs, or prescription pharmaceuticals. This means you need to comply with the industry regulations and local laws. Not only that, but it may even be necessary to contact Facebook directly to find out more about getting approval to run your ads because this is typically considered “restricted content.”

Or, let’s say you are running ads for weight loss or some other health-related service or product. If that’s the case, you have to make sure the photos you use are not misleading and are realistic.

What Makes The Best Healthcare Ads?

Good for you, you have made it this far and are ready to start to target your audience with great healthcare ads that will build trust and share with those who may be interested in your services and products how you can make their lives so much better. Now it is time to start your advertising campaign. You now know what it takes to create a healthcare advertising campaign that will help you get the results that you desire. Start by targeting your audiences as purposefully and as wisely as possible and treat these audiences with respect. Then create your ads and get ready for the attention that you deserve.


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