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Your Google My Business Listing Is More Important Than Your Website

The fact is, your Google My Business (GMB) listing is much more impact on your business than your website nowadays. The reason for this drastic change has to do with Google moving quickly to cater to their growing segment – mobile users. Google and other search engines are quickly and surely moving to a mobile-first index system. No matter the website or not, the results from the Google Knowledge Panel results are changing into a completely mobile-based site. If you are wondering what the Knowledge Panel in Google My Business is, it’s the compact box containing information that appears directly to the right of the search engine results. Through this box, users are able to learn more about the business and find out contact information for the home care businesses without having to click on the website or research further using the search engine. As you can probably tell, getting listed on the Knowledge Panel can be crucial to driving traffic. However, getting your business to show up on it, you must have an updated Google My Business listing with accurate and relevant information.

The information needed for your Google My Business listing now goes beyond the basics that you normally needed which included name, address, phone number, and website along with the hours of operation. Nowadays, you need to have everything filled out and the listing now includes more information than ever before including customer reviews, overviews of your business, posts, and more. Thus, Google My Business listings have become an integral component of the search engines and even more important than your website itself. The fact these listings show up first right when someone searches for a business like yours and because it details relevant information to the user, it means it is going to drive many more eyes than your website will. Thus, what you have in the box that appears is going to end up determining whether or not you are able to convert someone to becoming a visitor to your website or if they move on to one of your competitors.

Importance Of Google My Business

The truth is, 4 out of every 5 consumers utilize the search engines in order to find local businesses. Despite this fact, many small businesses haven’t even claimed their local business listing according to Search Engine Land. As you can tell, this is a huge missed opportunity. Thus, it is crucial to ensure you are claiming your home business’ listing on the Google My Business directory. Not only is it entirely free, but it can give you the type of exposure that will allow you to boost traffic and awareness. When done properly, you will be able to get your business showing up prominently within Google’s local 3-pack. This is where the top 3 local businesses show up when you conduct a search. Not only are the rankings showcasing fewer listings than it previously did, but it is completely redesigned for mobile optimization. Thus, it can increase the competition, even more, to get your business seen.

One of the first steps, if you haven’t already completed it is to set up your Google My Business page. To complete this, you will have to go through a verification process that will determine whether or not your business is legitimate. From there, you will need to optimize your GMB listings with an entirely accurate description and include a variety of relevant information about your business including but not limited to categories, business hours, types of payments you accept and more. Look to upload both your logo and photos of your brick and mortar location, any products you sell, or services you offer. Having a complete and optimized description that is entirely accurate is key. That way, you can get your listing ranking well.

It is also a good idea to get as many reviews as possible. Take a look below and you will see just how important reviews can be to generating business according to Moz:

  • 97 percent of consumers use and read reviews for local businesses
  • 85 percent of consumers trust reviews that they read online as much as they do personal recommendations
  • 73 percent of consumers said positive reviews helped encourage them to trust a local business more
  • 49 percent of consumers look for 4 star or better ratings
  • 30 percent of consumers say the speed of responses to negative feedback help them choose whether or not to frequent a business
  • 68 percent of consumers left a review when asked to do so

Why Your Google My Business Listing Trumps Your Website

There are so many different reasons you should consider your GMB listing to be more crucial to your success than your business’ website. Below, we will discuss some key takeaways

  • Your GMB listing is easily the first point of contact with a prospective customer. A lot of them won’t even venture further to your website.
  • Without a GMB profile, you are going to be missing out on prospective customers and they will instead go to your competition.
  • Having an established and well laid-out profile can make you look much more credible and trustworthy.
  • Your reputation depends on it. Having a good online reputation can dictate whether or not your business succeeds nowadays.

GMB listings are especially important when it comes to smaller mobile devices like phones as they are likely going to stick to the Knowledge Panel when searching for local businesses due to the smaller screen real estate.

As you can see, it is no wonder a lot of experts speculate that many businesses will become less dependent on their websites and their respective content in the future because of the changes to the search engines and the prominence of GMB listings.


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Download The Ultimate Home Care SEO and Digital Marketing Checklist

There are so many different approaches to online marketing (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Pay-Per-Lead) and various providers contacting you on a regular basis to inform you how necessary their particular service is that it can be overwhelming to know which step to take. How do you know which tasks to prioritize and what company to trust to oversee it? This checklist nails down the proven methods that we have seen work time and again so you can begin building your web presence with confidence.


Check your websites conversion optimization

When visitors land on your site are they converting into clients? If not, this checklist will help determine why and how you can change it.


Check your site for on-page SEO optimization

If no one can find your site it won't do you any good! This checklist will help you identify important steps you need to take to be sure Google will rank your site on their search engine results pages.


Check that your Google My Business listing is optimized for greatest results

Being in the maps section is mission-critical for local companies. Many of your new clients will come through searches on google maps. It is imperative that you show up there! 


Check to ensure you're taking advantage of all digital marketing means available to you

There are many different avenues available to you through digital marketing. It is easy to overlook one that could be a major player for your business. This will help you take stock of ways you could improve.


Check your tracking

Before you invest a lot of money into marketing, it's important to ensure you have an effective way of tracking the results. If you can't track your ROI there's no way know if you're investment is working.

how to get private home care clients

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Stop guessing about what needs to be done next and take action with confidence using our SEO and digital marketing checklist.

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The Grow Home Care Marketing Promise

We will help you get found by those who need you, stand out as the best home care company in your area, and of course bring exponential growth to your company. Here's what we'll do for you:

Increase Exposure

Through our tried and true SEO strategies we get you in search results that connect you to eager clients that are searching for in-home care services.

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Your increased local search visibility and impressive new company image will earn you a fresh reputation as a top home care company in your region.

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Use our checklist to see how well your site is optimized to rank on search engines and convert site visitors into new clients.



You'll learn how we grew a home care company by 400% and the steps you can take to achieve the same results.



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4 Benefits Digital Marketing will bring your Home Care Agency



Attract Your Ideal Clients

Many home care agencies don't realize that their website has not had proper search engine optimization or been optimized for conversion (the process of turning a site visitor into a qualified lead). Unless you have hired SEO and web conversion specialists then it's likely your web designer was not skilled in this area. It is not enough to know how to make a site look beautiful; if it doesn't motivate a visitor to become a client then it is not making you any money. We are experts in both conversion optimization and design and will make sure your site both gorgeous and profitable. This in conjunction with powerful and targeted search engine marketing (SEO and PPC), social media marketing, and reputation management will bring a constant flow ideal leads into your business.



Boost Your Reputation

We will create a public image that highlights the quality and level of care you provide and the excellence of your service. Gone will be the days of losing clicks to your competitors because they have a better image than you. With your increased local visibility through our SEO, PPC, and social media campaigns we will showcase you as the "go-to" home care agency. The professional imagery and compelling copy we will employ for all of your media creation will showcase you as the world-class organization you are.



Recruit Caregivers

Your home care company needs workers. We'll make sure openings are being shared on your site and on social media. Your openings will be well marketed, and your company will be advertised as an excellent place to work. This can significantly streamline the recruiting process empowering you to care for more people efficiently while ensuring that you never suffer from a shortage of manpower. 



Grow Revenue

We'll provide a personalized experience so that you'll get more referrals and leads. We can also target current clients via social media and email campaigns. We'll work to find the clients that are more likely to refer someone else and collect reviews to share with potential clients. We can also help you get more professional referrals as well. In short, work with us, and you'll have more clients and caregivers. Your revenues will see a big boost, and you'll provide care for a lot more people. 

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