Home Health Care Marketing Tactics

Simple Ways to Grow
Your Healthcare Practice

For home health care professionals, marketing can be a tricky subject. Your clients are often older and have no need for the latest gadget or social media platform. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to market your services in order to grow your business. Marketing is an important part of the business, and good marketing means good clients! Running the business can be a lot to manage, so marketing often seems like an additional burden to carry.

Here are some simple ways to help grow your healthcare practice with little effort on your part!

Local Health Care Fairs

Invite your community visitors to a health fair in the area. Hosting an event like this is will get people excited about what home health care providers are able offer! Additionally, they’re more likely willing to pay higher rates than usual because of their excitement at seeing first hand what home heath care is all about. Many people are not aware that home health care is an option when they are considering themselves or their aging parents. Hosting or taking part in a health care fair is a great way to educate your community and gain potential clients.


Start a Blog

A blog is an easy and very inexpensive way to grow your health care practice. All you need are some articles on the subject of home health care! Start with sharing and drawing from your own home health care experience – running a home care company yields plenty of lessons! Be sure to include contact information on the blog page, or in each blog post. People often want specifics about a service they can share with their family member or friend (and be sure it’s up-to date)!.

The blog can also be a place to share a client’s story or testimony. These special posts are powerful conversion tools because it shows potential clients that people like them have benefitted from your services. Testimonials also send potential clients trust signals, and are a proven client conversion tool.


Contact Information

It might seem obvious, but making sure that your website first has contact information, and second that it is clear and accessible is vital to company success. This should include the name of your company, phone number and email. This will help with conversions – people who are researching home health care want to know they can trust you! Include a video with an overview of your particular services, for example “we provide transportation” or “we provide skilled nursing”. 


Amenities and Services

In your website, make sure that you are providing a list of the services you offer. This is typically broken down into a couple categories. Most companies have home care services, the usual companion care, personal hygiene, and household assistance services. Other companies are able to offer healthcare services like skilled nursing, post-operative recovery, and medication administration. 


PR & Social Media

For those unfamiliar with the term, public relations (PR) is a form of communication to promote your business. PR can be done through various channels like social media and blogging. More traditional tactics – such at sending out press releases in newspapers – would target more local audiences, which is likely where most of your clients are anyways.

You can also reach out on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or use sites such as LinkedIn for your blog posts in order to achieve different forms of marketing success. 


Check out our recent post about marketing on social media, and browse more home health care marketing ideas on the Grow Home Care Blog.

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