Shave hours off your daily to-do list with this one trick 


Being a home care agency owner, you have first-hand experience with the challenges that come with running a business. One of the biggest challenges is finding time to tend to all the menial and tedious office tasks while also ensuring your clients receive phenomenal care. Time is your most valuable asset, and it always feels like there’s never enough to accomplish all the necessary tasks.

Here, I will provide some simple steps to empower you to save massive amounts of time by removing the need to manually nurture new leads that come from the forms on your website. Imagine never having to break what you’re doing in your day to respond to a new lead. What could you do with your time if you never had to deal with the back-and-forth texting and emailing to book a home care assessment for a new potential client?

Well, if you put this method into practice, all you will have to do is show up to the home care assessment when you receive the reminder notification on your phone. No more time-consuming back and forth! I’m going to show you how to automate a simple sales funnel that will operate as an automated closing machine so that you and your team can give your attention and energy to the things you are truly passionate about – providing exceptional care to your clients.


Step 1

Open your CRM, select “Create New Workflow / Automation,” and start a new one from scratch. 


Step 2

Select a trigger for your automation. Triggers will kick off or start the automation every time something happens. A trigger could be a call, form, or survey submitted; a link clicked; a text reply; or an appointment booked. We want our automation to trigger whenever someone fills out our form on our website, so select “Form Submitted”. 


Step 3

Select your automation actions. Action is what the automation will do once it is triggered. We want our automation to send our lead a text and an email immediately after submitting the form. Select “Send SMS” to add your SMS and add the text inside the action that the lead will receive.

Repeat this step for email by selecting “Send Email”. You must insert your booking link in both the text and the email, so you don’t have to worry about following up with each new lead; you can let the CRM take care of all of it. 


Step 4

After our SMS and email actions are added, we can go ahead and add a 24-hour wait. By adding this wait, we can let the system send the initial messages, and if we have not received a reply, the lead will get an automated follow text and emails to ensure that the lead does not get cold. To add the follow-up, we will copy and paste the first two actions (SMS and Email) below our wait. 


Step 5

We have now created follow-up texts and emails for two days. One of the last steps you must follow is to copy and paste all the previous actions inside your automation, resulting in a four-day nurturing automation. 


Step 6

We recommend that you do the follow-ups for 3-4 days before bringing the more personal and human interaction to the lead. To do this, you will add an “Internal Notification” action for your team as the last step of your automation. In this notification, feel free to include the lead’s name and phone number so your team can proactively follow up with a call and you do not lose that lead. 

An ever quicker option

While these steps are pretty quick and easy, if you would rather not have to mess with it all, our Automize Growth app that we provide all our clients comes with pre-built automation funnels geared directly for home care agencies. We’d be happy to get you onboarded and turn them on for you so you can start saving time today! Call us at (918) 300-4006 or schedule a free marketing session using the button below!

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